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Ciaros Isis is a Black Torti

This is one of our girls. Ciaros Isis is a Black Torti, she is 31/2 years old and she is a sweetheart! Bred with Tito Jackskin, she produces reds, blacks, tortis, and blue Sphynx babies. Check out our Gallery for additional pictures of Queens and available babies.

Website updated 7/20/2017



Ming Mei

This pretty girl is Ming Mei. She is a seal point and produces some beautiful blue eyed babies. Ming Mei is a wonderful mother and an exceptional pet. For pictures of our other Queens please go to our Gallery. We have seven breeding females and our one male, Tito, a Blue Lynks Point. Buffbabies Cattery usualy has kittens year round. For available babies look at our “Available” page.

Website updated 7/20/2017

Raven’s Licorice Whip

This is our black beauty Raven’s Licorice Whip. She is 31/2 years old and all of her babies are black, blue and blue tabbies. She is an exceptional mom and raises her babies with lots of love and attention.
Website updated 7/20/2017

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae is out newest addition. She is a one year old blue torti bambino. She has a wonderful personality and is out cattery clown. Her first litter is due this summer.
Website updated 7/20/2017


Lucy is a blue torti point. In her last litter she had 7 beautiful seal point and seal torti point babies. Lucy is a loving mom and one of our biggest lap babies.
Website updated 7/20/2017