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Sphynx cats require a little more maintenance than domestic cats.
Because Sphynx do not have hair, their body oils are not absorbed. Bathing your cat removes a collection of dander and oils from the skin. Your kitten should be bathed every 1-2 weeks. If this is not done, the oils on their body will rub off on furniture and bedding. I recommend ChlorhexiDerm shampoo because it has a bacterial agent. Do not use shampoos that have perfume or other ingredients that might cause skin irritation. Buffbabies kittens are accustomed to baths. They don’t necessarily like them but they don’t put up a big fight. Try to avoid soap and water in the face and ears. Use a wet cloth to clean the face and outside of the ear.

The ears are cleaned with a cotton ball soaked in ear cleaning solution. I use Derma Pet Malacetic Otic. Place the soaked cotton ball in the ear and massage. Avoid getting the solution in the eyes. Remove the cotton ball and remove what you can see with a Q-tip. The solution will clean down in the ear canal. Expect your kitten to hold his ears down and shake his head a lot. Another Q-tip cleaning might be required after he shakes his head a bit.

Sphynx have a black fiber type substance on their nails. This must be removed or cleaned when they are bathed. Take a damp cloth and gently wipe the nail between your thumb and first finger. The substance will come off easily and you will be able to see the vein that runs in the nail. Clip the cats nails before bath time. Be very careful not to clip above the vein. This will cause pain and bleeding and your cat might have a problem when you try it again.