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The Sphynx cat is not totally hairless. Hair can be found on the bridge of the nose, ears, tail and feet. This “hair” is like a soft down. Some people that suffer with allergies think a Sphynx is the answer. If the allergy is due to hair they might be right. All cats have dander and an allergic protein (del d1) that is secreted in the saliva and sebaceous glands. If you have allergies, visit a Sphynx cattery before you buy.

During times of stress, cats can exhibit temporary signs of illness. Going to a new home is stressful. These symptoms include runny nose, watery eyes, constipation, or diarrhea. This does not constitute illness, but if the symptoms persist the kitten should be seen by a qualified veterinarian. At Buffbabies, our kittens are seen by a veterinarian 24 hours before they leave for their new home. An exam and health certificate are completed at that time. Buffbabies kittens are guaranteed healthy when they leave our cattery.


Please do not be offended or embarrassed if we ask questions about other pets you may have or certain aspects of your life. We at Buffbabies give a tremendous amount of love and care to our babies and we need to know they are going to the right home. They are not just a commodity to us. They are amazing little creatures that require and deserve companionship, love, and attention. They are a wonderful long-time commitment for families fortunate enough to have them.